I was looking back through my blog, all the way back to these posts:

Reread them. You may find them interesting in preparation for our second 70-453 Annual Meeting.

Also, the usual dicta apply: I will have absinthe and Laphroaig scotch for general toasting purposes, and some snacks (including nacho cheese and chips).  Bring anything else you’d like to consume.

Also also, I think it should be part of our ritual/agenda 70-462 to burn the coals from last year’s fire and replace them with new ones.  So bring your chalice and coal.

Anything else?

The call to the annual meeting

As Chair of the Lichtenbergian Society, I hereby enjoin our membership to attend the Annual Meeting, set according to the Charter for December 20, being on or before the Hibernal Solstice, to begin at or around 7:00 p.m. 1Z0-403 exams

Herewith is the Order of Business:

  1. Roll Call, including confirmation of new members
  2. Toast to GCL
  3. Acclamation of the Officers
  4. Corroboration of the Validity of our Claims
  5. Consignment of the Corroborative Evidence to the Flames
  6. 1Z0-403 exams

  7. Engrossment of the Year’s Efforts
  8. Meditation on the Year’s Efforts, followed by a Silent Toast
  9. Engrossment of the Proposed Efforts for the Next Year
  10. Toast to the Proposed Efforts
  11. Agenda: “God and Man?”

The floor is now open for discussion of the Order of Business.

Meeting & Assignment L.08.9

Next Saturday, September 20, I need my fellow Lichtenbergians to assist me in Contemplation of the Labyrinth.  You can read about my dilemma here.  As Herodotus tells us, whenever the Persians had an important decision to make, they’d get drunk and chat it over.  Then, if their solution still made sense the next morning, they went with it.  7:00ish, shall we say?  Yes, Jeff, we can call it a Committee of the Whole meeting of the Joseph Campbell Roundtable.

The Assignment: design and execute a candle-holder for the labyrinth.  It can be funky, it can be mysterious, it can be beautiful.

Some examples:

Ginny found this one on Tybee Island, made by a hippie artisan.  He takes random metal objects, in this case a champagne glass (?) and welds tubes to them.  Then you drive rebar into the ground and stick the object on it.  Clever, and it admits of all kinds of possibilities.

See how simple this can be?  A travertine paving stone with three tealights arranged on it.

This was a planter we picked up in a junk shop.  The glow from the candles in the pots is quite lovely.  I’ve extended this idea by taking citronella candles, transferring them to clay pots, and burying the pots in the ground.  I also have a dozen of the small pots which I keep rearranging.

We had this old tin wall sconce hanging about, so I screwed it to a bit of 2×2 and planted it over in the ivy.  What I want to do is tile it with bits of mirror.

Keep thinking: dead tree limbs with platforms—hanging lanterns—elaborate standing devices—folk art manqué—anything goes.  You can make something for the periphery of the yard, for the table, for the labyrinth itself. Use the meeting to get some ideas of the area and what might be interesting.  The only requirement I have is that lighting and replacing of candles needs to be easy.

Let’s make this assignment due at the Annual Meeting, December 20.


An appropriately Lichtenbergian seven weeks after the domain name of went live, we finally have our official website open for business.

All of you should have received an email with your username and password. If not, email me.

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Let the wild rumpus begin!