Collaborative “Creativity”

I have to admit, this makes me laugh even to propose the idea.  Just the same, I think the concept is inspired on a couple of levels.  The American Idol folks are having a 70-467J pdf Music Ever” href=””>song writing competition.  If that isn’t enough inspiration in and of itself, its being sponsored 70-467J pdf by McDonalds.  What’s even better, the deadline is March 31.  Surely we, the brilliant membership of the LS can put something together that will pander, er, I mean appeal to the masses.  Dionysians, here’s your chance to shine.  Should we take turns writing stanzas just to make it interesting?  The biggest challenge is deciding which way to go with it?  Do we attempt to sneak something in that’s truly artful (despite their objectives), or do we go for the biggest dreck we can manage that will nonetheless appeal to the judges?

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