This blog is the official record of transactions of the Lichtenbergian Society, the purpose of which can be discerned through perusal of its Charter. It also serves as the Society’s Waste Book*, in emulation of its namesake.

The blog was inaugurated on Monday, March 3, 2008. The Society was founded on December 22, 2007.

* from GCL’s Waste Book E, Aphorism 7: “Merchants have a waste-book… in which they enter from day to day everything they have bought and sold, all mixed up together in disorder; from this it is transferred to the journal, in which everything is arranged more systematically; and finally it arrives in the ledger, in double entry after the Italian manner of book-keeping… This deserves to be imitated by the scholar.  First a book in which I inscribe everything just as I see it or as my thoughts prompt me, then this can be transferred to another where the materials are more ordered and segregated, and the ledger can then contain a connected construction and the elucidation of the subject that flows from it expressed in an orderly fashion.”

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