The Charter


Section 1 — The Name of the SOCIETY shall be THE LICHTENBERGIAN SOCIETY.

Section 2 — The Purpose of this SOCIETY shall be the promulgation and promotion of Lichtenbergianism, to wit:

  • WHEREAS the German philosopher and scientist, GEORG CHRISTOPH LICHTENBERG, was renowned in his own day for incorrigible procrastination, such that his further renown was hampered, and
  • WHEREAS the CHARTER MEMBERS of this SOCIETY are desirous of supporting each other’s efforts at procastinating in their own endeavors which might in fact result in further renown, insofar as is possible,
  • THEREFORE, we the undersigned do pledge and swear to further the renown of GEORG CHRISTOPH LICHTENBERG by putting off whatever we can in such a way as to be in solidarity with our fellow Lichtenbergians.

Section 3— The Motto of this SOCIETY shall be Cras melior est, which is to say, Tomorrow is better.

Section 4 — From time to time, as it shall seem necessary and appropriate to the Membership, and particularly in the period preceding the Annual Meeting, the Society shall make charitable donations such that, if not for themselves then perhaps for some few others of Mankind, Tomorrow should be Better.


Section 1 — Charter membership shall consist of those members who have written the Charter and/or those who attend the first Annual Meeting, also to be known as the Charter Meeting, on December 22, 2007.

Section 2 — New members may only join when asked by current members, as actively seeking membership forfeits the SOCIETY’s principle belief in procrastination. Current members may invite new members to join whenever they get around to it.

Section 3 — Membership dues are to be $20 per year, payable by the first week of every year. However, “I’ll get you next month” is perfectly acceptable in lieu of payment.

Section 4 — Members are expected, at some point prior to or following their addition to the rolls, to submit a creative work. In the spirit of the namesake of the SOCIETY, it is not required (or even, in fact, encouraged) that said work be either complete or successful.

Section 5 — The duty and the right to define, for the betterment of all Mankind, the meaning of Lichtenbergianism is restricted to the Members of the SOCIETY.


Section 1 — Regular meetings of the SOCIETY shall be through its regular incorporeal Correspondence, whenever such topics as engage the interest of its Members shall arise.

Section 2 — The Annual Meeting of the SOCIETY shall take place on or before the day of the Hibernal Solstice. It shall be an occasion of solemn FESTIVITY, allowing the Members the opportunity to reflect on the State of Lichtenbergianism.

Section 3 — Special Meetings may be proposed by any Member for any occasion.

Section 4 — Notice of any Meetings shall be by the SOCIETY’s accustomed incorporeal Correspondence.


Section 1 — There shall be three officers, consisting of a Chair, a Secretary, and an Aphorist.

  • The Chair shall call the Annual Meeting and preside over it. He shall also appoint Vice-Chairs as necessary for any Special Meetings.
  • The Secretary shall record the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting in the Record Book. He shall also handle any Correspondence and Finances that are necessary.
  • The Aphorist will use his knowledge of the writings of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg to engage the Membership in an Understanding of Life.

Section 2 — Officers shall be appointed by acclamation at the Annual Meeting. The term of office shall be until the next Annual Meeting, the date of which shall be determined at the prior Annual Meeting.

Section 3 — If an Officer is unable to complete his Term of Office, he shall ask the Membership to replace him pro tempore via the usual incorporeal Correspondence.


Section 1 — This Charter may be amended when necessary through general Agreement of those Members participating in the Discussion.

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