Lichtenbergianism: the book

As I brought up at the Annual Meeting, I am semi-interested in assembling a book on the creative process by examining the ways we have found the basic tenets of Lichtenbergianism to be useful in our various attempts.  The discussions we have about each of these terms—and any we add to the list—will be the basis of the book.

My intention is to write a brief explanation and introduction of each of the tenets.  You can then argue the points as you see fit, and provide instances of the tenet in action.

The nine tenets, as presented at the Lichtenbergianism seminar on the GHP campus in 2013, are:

  1. task avoidance
  2. abortive attempts
  3. successive approximation
  4. waste books
  5. ritual
  6. steal from the best
  7. gestalt
  8. audience
  9. abandonment 

Let the wild rumpus start!

3 Thoughts on “Lichtenbergianism: the book

  1. I wish to somehow incorporate “a pervasive farcical self-regard” as a factor, maybe not a step in and of itself, but definitely a factor. Also somehow we need to include “the Necessity of the Hoodwink.” That one is definitely a step. Also, how to both exploit and survive “the motivating function of the generously enthused but over-reaching colleague.” I realize I was not in on the original seminar (carrying on with my established tradition of not ever making the final cut for GHP), but my time dwelling in the outer darkness has been profitable in that I have tripped over a number of items which I courageously picked up and placed in my sack. I bring them to the brethren, having located the coffeehouse in which they are usually holed up, led by vague memories of having once or twice been there previously. “I dimly recall I might have propped my feet up a time or two myself…long before the difficulties changed everything.” They have retained enough grace to spare me the humiliation of recognition, but they will show an interest in the items I bring. I might even get a coin or two out of it.

  2. And consider the protractor…

  3. marc on June 2, 2015 at 1:08 pm said:

    Now that the Lichtenbergian Press and its proposed “creativity series” is essentially dead in the water, how do you suggest we move forward?

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