• All this debate over whether or not sex is religious.  Of course it is.  It always ends with someone asking for forgiveness, doesn’t it?
  • People have told me they are uncomfortable with my self-defecating sense of humor.
  • Stupidity may be our only renewable resource.
  • Scientists use a precise and rigorous language to control variables; if you hear it used by others, it’s to control people.
  • I think I’m some kind of compromise between Sisyphus and Priapus. Trying to roll my rock and perpetually hurting myself.
  • Living in the now?  You should have been living in the now a month ago!  (attributed to Galen Honea)
  • Now I want my poetry to do what I should have been doing all along with photo albums, home movies, and journal notebooks.  It’s kind of pathetic, really.
  • Over two millennia of Western Philosophy preparing us to explore the last great issue:  amateur porn.
  • If a film critic’s final flourish in some bit of analysis is to question the truth and reliability of the image, suspect the truth and reliability of the film critic.
  • Artists my age are supposed to be eating their own livers with a malevolent gusto, but I still don’t have the stomach for it.
  • Retirement isn’t the end.  Soldiers and jocks retire to start careers managing everything.  And doesn’t such perpetual renewal renew us all?
  • That nagging fear you just may not be smart enough to figure out a really great way to cheat people.

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