Here are links to the Assignments for members:

L.08.1 [radioactive waste site response]

L.08.2 [George Lichtenberg film project]

L.08.3 [self-exposé]

unnumbered assignment #1 [procrastination stories]

unnumbered assignment #2 [American Idol pop song]

L.08.4 [percussive troupe for “What a Wonderful Bird the Frog Are”]

L.08.5 [critical response/review to non-existent Lichtenbergian work]

L.08.6 [album cover]

L.08.7 [bogus email chain]

L.08.8 [self-portrait challenge]

L.08.9 [labyrinth lighting fixture]

L.08.10 [film festival]

L.08.11 [time travel]

L.09.1 [exotic drink story]

L.09.2 [interpretating art]

L.09.3 [standing naked around the fire]

L.09.4 [one word]

L.09.5 [five rules for creative conduct]

L.09.6 [Burning Man proposals]

L.09.7 [READ piece invitation]

L.10.1 [minimalist wordplay]

L.10.2 [Lichtenbergian belief/disbelief]

L.10.3 [revisionist tattoo]

L.10.4 [drinks with movies]

L.10.5 [awkward stock photo]

L.21.1 [shamelessly commercial art]

updated 1/7/21

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