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  1. Three that I might be interested in were on Netflix InstantPlay, so that’s good.

  2. Awesome! I love British Cinema! Some painful omissions, but A for effort. Just re-watched Kes a couple of weeks ago. First saw it at a school assembly(!?) in ’69. Unforgettable. You must see Mike Leigh’s Naked. And, and…Powell and Pressburger, of course…and…Lindsay Anderson and…Ah…

    Thanks for the link. A truly satisfying link. I CAN appreciate some links. Thank you!

  3. I’ve heard of Trainspotting, and seen The Third Man (as part of a Narrative Art in Film class).

  4. I should say, that’s the sum total of my exposure to the top 10.

  5. Kind Hearts & Coronets, Red Shoes, and Third Man–those were mine.

    Marc, they showed Kes in a school assembly? Just the description of it made me wary.

  6. Private school. Crazy days. And I’m imagining it was an edited version, maybe a “school version” of some sort.

    Nicholas Roeg, people, Nicholas Roeg! Come on!

    Am I the only one whose severe alienation led him to seek out and ingest another cinematic culture so fervently and completely? Reisz, Richardson, Losey, Lester. And the whole complication of definition created through the work of American expatriates.

  7. I’ve seen 26.

  8. I have only 4 in the top ten that I’ve seen Naked, Trainspotting, Red Shoes, and Third Man.

    But the further down the list you go the more my average goes up.

  9. I’ve seen five of the top 10. Does anyone else find “Don’t Look Now” an excellent but SURPRISING choice for No. 1? Wow.

  10. It’s those Brits having extended giggles over the having it off bit. But seriously, a bit surprising. Didn’t realize how much the stock had risen over the years. I was surprised, too, by Kes. And looking over the picks by individual judges, I was surprised by titles that kept cropping up like Witchfinder with Vincent Price. And if you haven’t seen Theatre of Blood, you are in for a jolly treat.

    And everything on DVD is available through Netflix. You don’t have to join Lovefilms.

  11. Ken Russell’s omission? Thoughts?

  12. No Greenaway?

  13. wow! No Greenaway! Good catch, Marc!

  14. And no sign of what I would call the three classic “Rattigan treatments”: The Winslow Boy, The Browning Version, and Separate Tables.

    No Olivier as actor or director (doublecheck that one–and no Gielgud or Burton).

  15. This list is looking more and more radical all the time!

  16. They’re fond of Winterbottom (you’re welcome, Dale). Why didn’t The Killer Inside Me get theatrical release?

  17. craig on March 25, 2011 at 6:26 pm said:

    I’ve sen 12 total. There are way more than that on the list that I’ve not heard of.

    Anyone up for an outdoor movie night if we can scare up a projector?

  18. Ooh, that could be fun! I vote Zardoz!

  19. That was on the list, wasn’t it?

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