A rebuke from the universe (again with this)

The American Composers Forum has been sending out an email to this guy’s blog, in which he has challenged himself to write a new piece every day for the month of February.  I know, it’s cheating to use the shortest month, right?

I’ve enjoyed the little works so far, and of course it’s fun to hear another composer whine about getting it done.

It almost makes me ready to rev the 24 Hour Challenge back up.  Almost.

What do you think: is there a value in self challenges like this?  Or is it just a stunt to exercise your chops?

3 Thoughts on “A rebuke from the universe (again with this)

  1. If it’s a ‘stunt to EXERCISE your chops’, doesn’t that qualify as ‘value’? [my opinion is not-so-hidden in my question]

  2. I guess my opinion was embedded in the wording–it didn’t occur to me that the more obvious reason would be to show off your mad compozin skillz. For me, the only option would be to work out any weaknesses in your process/ability.

  3. I think there is a value to these kinds of challenges. If you are challenging yourself to do something it would be challenging to do. Otherwise, yes, it’s just showing off.

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