Apropos of nothing

This is really a post for my blog, but I always hesitate to draw attention to the Lichtenbergian enclave from there.

I came across GenderAnalyzer.com a while ago but was reminded of it yesterday while catching up at Jesus’ General’s blog.  I ran all three blogs through it and was astonished to find that…

  • We think http://lichtenbergian.org is written by a man (61%).
  • We think http://lacunagroup.org/blog is written by a man (80%).
  • We think http://dalelyles.com/blog is written by a man (82%).

The results are pretty clear, I’m afraid: you guys are diluting my manliness.  Quite some.

7 Thoughts on “Apropos of nothing

  1. Apparently the dilution is my fault:

    We guess http://hey-gang.blogspot.com is written by a woman (56%).

  2. The Good Ape Blog, however, has me at 61% likelihood of being a man.

    I can’t say that I am surprised by either of these results.

    Nor, probably, is anyone else.


  3. Well, according to my calculations, my 82% and your 69% needs a real girly-man to score 33% to bring our average on this blog to 61%.

    Of course, that number is an average itself of the remaining contributors.

  4. Well, Marc is off the hook:

    We think http://lacunagroup.org/marc is written by a man (76%).

    Given that we are figuring Marc and Turff and Jeff as our regular contributors, and their average is 33%, that leaves Turff and Jeff with 11.5%. Each.

    Now we know.

  5. OK, I wasn’t really planning to reveal this to the world via blog, and especially not through THIS one, but … I’m a chick. Live with it.

  6. Live with it? I think it’s hot.

  7. Venus and Mars are alright tonight…

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