I know we all come across sites with art that interests/intrigues/delights us.  Like the Spam Koans before it, I dedicate this post to our collection.

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  • 13 Thoughts on “Artpile

    1. And I think I’ve shared the Periodic Table Printmaking Project before, over on my blog.

    2. I actually own the DVD of Powers of Ten, plus the minidocumentary the Eames daughter did when they shut down/dismantled the studio. Awe-inspiring.

    3. I love these.

      Drawings and sculptures of what the anatomy of various famous cartoon characters would look like in real life.

      I think they’re amazing.

    4. I fear Marc’s recent stress has damaged his artistic perception.

    5. Mike, when you said “anatomy,” I thought you meant something ENTIRELY different.

    6. re: dumb laws

      What, exactly, constitutes a “disturbing sound at a fair”?

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