Assignment L.08.10: Preparation for Film Festival

I pitched the idea to those in attendance last night, and it seemed to be well received, so I will proceed as if it were approved (I’m sure it will be, if/when we get around to it).  At some point in the not too distant future, I shall welcome the membership into my home for the First Annual (or some other frequency to be determined at a meeting not yet scheduled) Lichtenbergian Film Festival.  At said film festival, movies shall be presented as submitted by the membership.  Each member shall (as response to this assignment) submit one film for inclusion.  The requirements for inclusion are these: 1) Submission by a member in good standing (there’s a can of worms); 2) Submission of “Guidelines for Viewing/Participation” (details to follow); and 3) Provision of media (either I have to own a copy already, or you have to provide one) in standard DVD format.

Guidelines for “Guidelines for Viewing/Participation”
The member submitting the movie for inclusion shall prepare this document (and perhaps post it here for discussion, unless that will undermine in some way the impact, freshness, or other factor within the experience) which should include guidance for how best to appreciate, experience, dissect, or otherwise be involved with the viewing of the film.  As examples (meant in no way to limit the potential of the guidelines), the member might include questions to ponder, background information, an explanation of why the film was selected, or perhaps a poem or other reading that heighten the experience
of consumption of the film.  There is neither a minimum nor maximum length, but consideration should be given to both the attention span of the reader (we ARE Lichtenbergians, after all) and the impact on the environment should the notes be printed (I included that one for the liberals that comprise the vast majority of our membership.  Actually, I’m pretty concerned about the environment as well.  I’m just not sure I buy Al Gore’s version of things.  I’m sure that will inspire some wise-ass to submit An Inconvenient Truth.  Oh, well.)

Discuss and submit.

15 Thoughts on “Assignment L.08.10: Preparation for Film Festival

  1. I’m thinking something from the Brothers Quay. But let it simmer a while.

  2. Zardoz. Absolutely. I’ll provide the red fur diapers.

  3. When are you looking to have this festival? I have a film I would love for you guys to watch that I helped work on here at National Geographic. I think it’s a really cool movie that I would love to get the Lichtenbergians opinion of. Although I cannot be in attendance of the actual festival I can mail you my submission.

  4. Ooo! Another thought. Kevin, I think you mentioned once that you have video conferencing capabilities at your place. If so, I could dial in an join the festival remotely.

  5. We could probably make that work with a little preparation. Are you of the mac cult?

  6. The VC system here at the office is a Lifesize system which I am pretty sure is Mac compliant. I will check. I think as long as you have an IP address I can talk to you.

  7. They’ve produced a single volume compendium I can use to refine my choices. Just ordered it.

    Let me be your guide to an alternate universe.

  8. Me likey the cover.

  9. I’m a little concerned that it’s eligible for the “Amazon Textbook Discount.” Jobie will want one.

  10. Jennifer Welles more essential than Marilyn Chambers. Discuss.

    Bondage as metaphor. Discuss.

    Cocksman as picaresque hero. Discuss.

  11. Tromaville: Landmarks in Film.

  12. Hey, make your own damn movie!

  13. Seance on a Wet Afternoon

    Last Year at Marienbad

    My two submissions. Let me know when it’s getting close so I can put them at the top of my Netflix Q.

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