Assignment L.09.2: Art interpretation

In our never-ending quest to answer the question, “What is Art?”, we cannot overlook the contributions of the Museum of Bad Art (surely founded by fellow Lichtenbergians-in-spirit).

Please head over and waste an hour or so looking at the extremely bad art housed in the virtual wings of this highly respected institution, and then, as an assignment, enter the MOBA Official Guest Interpretator contest.

Or if you like, interpretate one of the other works on display.  No, you may not use this work.

2 Thoughts on “Assignment L.09.2: Art interpretation

  1. Dale, did you want us to post our entries here, or really enter the contest?

    And how do we see the other interpretations if we send them in as entries to the contest?

  2. Post your interpretations here as assignment posts, and enter the contest if you like. I haven’t done mine yet. Perhaps today, after writing the Literacy Task Force report and creating the presentation on Randall Thompson.

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