I found this link through one of my favorite blogs, and thought it rather amazing in its own right.  After a few minutes, I thought it might make an interesting assignment/challenge for one of the proposed film festivals.  The page uses only cupcakes, but I think (with what you will find at the link as inspiration) that we might expand on that a bit.  Both sweet and savory, as well as other forms of edibles than cupcakes could be used as the medium.  I think “Blockbusters” might make a reasonable source of inspiration.  What sayeth the brotherhood?

3 Thoughts on “Assignment?

  1. Those are awesome! I cannot imagine taking the time to do that.

    It would make an interesting challenge/assignment. I’m in. Suggest parameters.

  2. Actually, my initial inclination was towards having movie themed food items for one of the film festivals. I like the film festival tie-in (it will present a deadline of sorts, no doubt the seminal challenge of this assignment), but in further consideration, would open it to works of literature. My only other guidance would be to propose that the chosen inspiration be prominent in the common domain of our membership. As an example, the public domain (Tom Sawyer White Washed Asparagus Fencing) would be fine, as well as our unique common domain (Coriolanus Kisses). Dale’s Tristan Sandies would probably be a bit to off the beaten path for one such as me, however.

    I should say as well that my goal was for the appearance of the selected food to be evocative of the inspiring work, not just the name or taste. While Turkish Delight would immediately connect for me with The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, it would not meet the challenge of this assignment.

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