Assignments: recap

All of this is over at the page, but it would be nice to pull together some comments about our various blunderings this year.

(An explanation of my hyperlinking here: the link from the descriptive phrase takes you to the original Assignment.  A link from an Assignment number takes you to a category search, pulling up all the posts about that Assignment and the results.)

Several Assignments never went anywhere.  The very first one (L.08.1), the one about the toxic waste site, got a lot of discussion but no real results.

Likewise, there were two unnumbered , both by Mike, I think, that never produced anything.

Marc’s bogus email chain (L.08.7) never got any takers, either, along with my “time travel” suggestion (L.08.11).

Two assignments that got no responses are actually still percolating, I think: Turff’s film festival (L.08.10) and my labyrinth lighting fixture (L.08.9).  I know that one of my goals today is to put together my new drill press, finally, and one reason I even bought the thing was to create lighting fixtures.  So maybe by the end of the year…

We did have many Assignments that produced results, starting with the George Lichtenberg film project (L.08.2).  We did work on that a bit, and the general feeling at the Annual Meeting was that we wanted to continue, perhaps as the subject of the still-unproposed Podcast Project.  That’s over at BaseCamp.

The self-exposé Assignment (L.08.3) was very entertaining, as was the critical response/review one (L.08.5).  I think they showed us off our best sides: as poseurs.

The album cover Assignment (L.08.6) produced a lot of fun work.  A quick, easy one, the best kind for this group, as was the self-portrait Assignment (L.08.8).

There was the Frog Song effort (L.08.4), which was very successful, although I think now we would shunt that over to Lacuna Group for actual performance.

And of course, still ongoing and I think the most successful, the non-Assignment of Symmetrical Hand Arrangment.

Remember, it’s never too late to finish what you’ve procrastinated all year!

5 Thoughts on “Assignments: recap

  1. For L.08.1, I put together a photomontage, using my own writhing body as a building block, but I never posted it. I suppose I could.

    Also, to be fair to all of us, we were transitioning to this site during all of the discussion of the assignment, so a lot got lost in the move.

  2. Let’s not forget our actual first assignment … Tom Jones! In many ways, still my favorite.

    Also, I am indeed working on the Time Travel assignment. What do you think my myth project is, anyway, if not time travel?

  3. And what about the assignment that produced Marc’s short film and … the still-to-be-unveiled “Buttocks Thing?”

  4. I can only claim one of the unnumbered assignments. The American Idol one is not mine. No that it matters. Just for clarification.

  5. And Barbara’s film. She’s not, shall we say, of the order, but we can devise some honorary recognition. Someday.

    Actually, one could argue that the films are not Lichtenbergian since the genesis of the challenge took place on lacunagroup.

    This is complicated.

    I think what makes the “buttocks thing” Lichtenbergian is its state of incompletion. And, of course, our chairman’s pleasure in all things “buttocks.”

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