2 Thoughts on “Bishop’s heresy: The Toe Variations (Symmetrical Toe Designs, or “STDs”)

  1. Bravo, sirrah!

  2. Not only is the change in regard one situated in space, but we, again, confront the innate difference in the material reality of the extremities as a lived extremis in itself. We have as evidence the English expression “to go to extremes,” and thus the dilemma manifests itself to us in its full horror. To which extreme do we move? And mustn’t we acknowledge how in the very being of our choice we also are compelled to choose with one of the very same rivaling extremities. And so the question as to mode. Does Bishop attain the freedom and distinction he so longs for by grasping it? Or is that embodied truth disavowed? Does he approach it, rather, by traversing a spatial and temporal interval on foot, or has the push to singular distinction been negated in a necessary moment of, again the aptness of the English term insists, standstill?–Maurice Merleau-Ponty (1949),The Hand and the Foot

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