L.09.5 Jobie’s Five Rules

1. Understand that  creation is just re-organization, and vice-versa.

2.  Understand that in order for something to be creative and unique, it only has to be creative & unique to the creator; any reaction besides the creator’s is relative.

3.  Understand that the raw is more honest than the refined.

4.  Understand that every piece you produce- no matter how varied in structure, media, content, or form- reflects the same idea; many aspects of the same idea, but it is the same idea.

5.  Simply, daydream.  And not just the good stuff.

L.09.5 Kevin’s Five Rules

1. Derive all you do from the product of others.  There’s nothing new under the sun.
2. Determine who your audience is, and please them.  Otherwise, you will have no audience, and audience is paramount.
3. Supplant desire with obligation.
4. Do what you are “good at”.
5. Create in the gaps your life leaves you.

L.09.5 Funt’s 5 Rules

1) It’s okay not to finish something. Process is more important than product. If you’ve learned all and stretched yourself as much as you can, finishing for finishing sake is not necessary.
2) Have something to write/draw with or on with you at all times.
3) Let everything inspire you.
4) It’s never either as good as you think it will be or as bad as you think it’s turned out.
5) Have fun.

L.09.5: Jeff’s Five Rules for Creative Conduct

1. Don’t listen to your Inner Critic … not until you’re in the revision stage, anyway.
2. Use your Sacred Space … could be a certain time of day, a physical space like a cottage in the back yard, or even a mental space or state. Nothing “outside” gets in (finances, relationship problems, job worries, Facebook, cell phone, etc.).
3. Don’t waste a lot of time poring over stuff you’ve already done. Focus on generating new material.
4. Always, always, always back up what you do. External hard drives are good.
5. Create for yourself. Don’t try to please others.

Assignment L.09.5

Having had just enough vodka/tonics, and preparatory to going upstairs in the dorm to uphold a sacred GHP tradition, I surfed across this post.

So, what are your five laws of creative conduct?  Read the post, but don’t read the comments.

Post your five laws in new posts, not in comments, thank you.

Now I’m off to run a few yards.