Assignment L.08.11: No Man’s Land

I just found this.  I cannot believe I never came across it before now.  Just yesterday I ordered a DVD-R copy from a “source,” thinking it was the only way to obtain it.

Harold Pinter-No Man’s Land-John Gielgud and Ralph Richardson

This 1978 television version of the original stage production has never been released commercially.  I do not know why.  Maybe the BBC wants to have exclusive control over when and how it gets viewed.  That is not surprising since it is a special sublime thing.  It is sublime beyond sublime.  The image, unfortunately, is poor on this transfer (I hope it will be better on the DVD I ordered–if I did in fact order it and not just cough into empty cyberspace), and I hope the sound allows for enjoying the language at least a little (I haven’t taken it in myself, yet).

I don’t yet want to turn into a school marm and lecture on why I think this is so special.  I’d rather folks watch it and…experience.