Assignment: L.08.4

This is an assignment that actually has a deadline and is for a real performance.  Go figure.

As you may have read, the Masterworks Chorale is performing my “What a Wonderful Bird the Frog Are” at their concert on May 31.  Since the theme of the concert is Laughter is the Best Medicine, I’d like to make the song as amusing as we can.

The song is subtitled, “A song for chorus, piano, and something percussive in nature*” and the asterisk leads to “*The something percussive in nature can be footstomps, a bass drum, a sledgehammer on fine old furniture, whatever suits.  It depends on your interpretation of the piece.”  I want the Lichtenbergians to perform as the percussive ensemble accompanying the chorus.

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  • I’m envisioning some Stomp-like thing, not too distracting, but still amazing.  We can use 2x4s or perhaps lengths of PVC pipe.  We’ll have to experiment to find the right sound.

    You’ll need a copy of the song and probably you’d like to have the mp3 as well.

    Who’s in?