ELP, a study

I amused myself Sunday afternoon by setting up the camera on the tripod and taking shots in various poses around the labyrinth, mostly so I could begin thinking about our bodies in situ, as it were.

It occurred to me that I have tools at my disposal that previous artists did not.

This is a slapdash affair, picking and choosing among the more than twice as many poses.  (God bless Photoshop’s layers and visibility!)

Anyway, discuss.

11 Thoughts on “ELP, a study

  1. I can now officially start being neurotic about which pose I need for me, and what I might inadvertently reveal about myself with its selection.

  2. Hopefully, whatever neuroses you bring to the project will be filtered through my vision of our portrayal. Primarily, of course, there’s the filter of my artistic ability to worry about.

  3. At any rate, this is going to be the primary focus of my work during the retreat.

  4. Refresh my memory: is your project a painting? I might be interested in a related project in charcoal/pencil/penandink.

  5. The eventual product will be a very large oil painting. I’m sketching in pencil/charcoal at the moment.

  6. BTW, boys, Terry has sent me photos that I now treasure. He has proven my thesis for this project. I’ll show you on retreat.

  7. If anyone needed a larger version of the photo to ponder, I’ve linked it to one. Just click on the photo.

  8. Ummm … this is, like, really cool. Or something.

  9. I tried to give an impression of walking or standing in the Labyrinth even though I obviously wasn’t. It was like standing in front of a green screen. I wish I had seen these poses first, although I think my pictures turned out okay. I have limited choices as to what positions I can take and was lucky i could stand that day at all. I can’t wait to see everyone posed in the Labyrinth.

  10. And I am glad I will be present at the retreat in some form.

  11. Terry, I have the original photos of your walking in the labyrinth, so poses are not a problem.

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