Free to a good home

Dreamed this one last night–good idea for a scifi crime novel, but of course it’s not my job to write such things.

Society in which some people have been born with the Gift, some set of psychic skills which include ESP, mind-melding, pyschokinesis, the usual.  Society as a whole has come to depend on these people to regulate the social mechanisms, and by some fluke of genetic luck, all Gifters are of the sort who contribute positively to the effort.

One Gifter is examining a serial criminal–and here I wish I could remember exactly what the crime was, because it made perfect sense, but I forgot it between one dream session and the next–and is astounded to find that the guy has the Gift–but shouldn’t.

There followed, depending on the dream session, investigations into how he got that way, whether there were others, whether there was an organizing force behind the surreptitious Gifting, the threat to society as a whole and Gifters in  particular, etc., etc.

There you go.  Run with it.  Write me a nice check from your royalties.

2 Thoughts on “Free to a good home

  1. It maps out the Gifted Program, in other words.

  2. You might enjoy the work of Phillip K. Dick. Not to imply, of course, that your idea isn’t wholly and startlingly original.

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