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  1. This has nothing to do with the above-mentioned site, but it was in today’s Writer’s Almanac and I thought you people would appreciate it:

    Nora Roberts, romance writer:

    Romance novels “are a celebration of relations, finding love, overcoming obstacles, and making commitments. I think that is something very worthy of respect. They’re not just about naked pirates, although what’s wrong with a naked pirate now and again?”

  2. (It’s Nora’s birthday today. It’s also Harold Pinter’s, but he didn’t say anything about naked pirates. And Marc will be interested to know that my fingers first types priates.)

  3. As Lichtenbergians, we need to take a position on Nora Roberts (aka J.D Robb, aka…aka…)….prolific…-ness…(damn, where’s a thesaurus when you need one)…

    “Aaaargh, my fingers first types priates.”

    Well, I know what came to my mind first…must I say it to shore up my credentials and display my mythological proficiency?

    Happy Birthday, Harold Pinter! He’s not well, I believe. Sad. A dying god.

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