“The Katydid’s Warning” — A Cherokee myth

Two hunters camping in the woods were preparing supper one night when a Katydid began singing near them. One of them said sneeringly, “Kû! It sings and don’t know that it will die before the season ends.” The Katydid answered: “Kû! niwï (onomatope); O, so you say; but you need not boast. You will die before to-morrow night.” The next day they were surprised by the enemy and the hunter who had sneered at the Katydid was killed.

2 Thoughts on “Katydid

  1. Really? What an asshole. Who would sneer at a katydid?

    Very apt for these days. In politics as well as in personal matters. Some people just plain seem to get off on these little “sanctimonious” explosions of ego.

    • THU: We are katydids.
    • FRI: I am a M******* katydid.
    • SAT: I am an integrated M******* katydid.

    There, I summarized the Retreat from my perspective.

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