L.08.8: (self-portrait) Study 2

Ha!  You want multiple personalities?  Here’s six!  Take that, Funt!  And I get to be all of mine, so there!

I think I would replace the lower left one with one of me out in the Lichtenbergian space, and of course the two in the study aren’t really different, other than to show the astounding range of dissheveledness my hair is capable of.

Not very creative at all as a self portrait, but Mike’s struck a chord.

4 Thoughts on “L.08.8: (self-portrait) Study 2

  1. And they knew that it was
    Much more than a hunch.
    That this group
    Must somehow form a family.
    That’s the way they all became The Dale Lyles Bunch.

  2. If we are allowed to focus on a part over the whole, the “composer” portrait is the most successful as a portrait, I feel.

  3. Something usefully oblique about your expression. Most “harmonious” palette.

  4. I like the “disheveled hair,” the media specialist, and the one in front of the blinds. I think those three presented together in a row would be a very striking comparison. Artist/Scholar/Nudist.

    “These are the Dales I know, I know.
    These are the Dales I know.”

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