L.08.9: an opportunity

I began tilling the labyrinth area last night, and I came across this:


The entire back yard is actually made up of hard-packed clay and whatever construction detritus was there when we added on to the house fifteen years ago. There’s only about an inch of topsoil there.

So anyway, I figured this might appeal to one of you out there as you muse about creating a lighting fixture for the labyrinth. Yes, Jeff, I’ve already thought about turning it into a fountain, you pervert.

UPDATE, rather than create a new post: www.jumpexam.com

I brought these home from school:

They’re white, plastic, translucent.  I just stood them up this way to get them lit by the sun.  They might make nice pillars of light in some way.  Unless they melted.

6 Thoughts on “L.08.9: an opportunity

  1. One is what one is.

  2. Might compete with Duchamp’s “Fountain.”

  3. “Pillars of light”

    Is that like “Thomas Kinkaid, Painter of Light?”

  4. Actually, I like the material presence of something so unnatural. Test to see how they take flame light with a candle both within and without. Or you might take a string of lights and affix a pole over each bulb, then you could group them in any manner you choose.

  5. Two strands of lights. Lay them side by side, parallel. Connect lights by attaching poles like ladder rungs, light from each strand affixed at each end. Ladder of light. Then give the thing a bit of a “twist” and, voila, DNA.

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