The Call to the Annual Meeting

As Chair of the Lichtenbergian Society, I hereby enjoin our membership to attend the Annual Meeting, set according to the Charter for December 19, being on or before the Hibernal Solstice, to begin at or around 7:00 p.m.

Herewith is the Order of Business:

  1. Roll Call, including confirmation of new members
  2. Toast to GCL
  3. Acclamation of the Officers
  4. Corroboration of the Validity of our Claims
  5. Consignment of the Corroborative Evidence to the Flames
  6. Engrossment of the Year’s Efforts
  7. Meditation on the Year’s Efforts, followed by a Silent Toast
  8. Engrossment of the Proposed Efforts for the Next Year
  9. Toast to the Proposed Efforts
  10. Agenda: ??

With 12 days, 7 hours, and 41 minutes until the Annual Meeting, it’s probably time to see if there’s any consensus on what the agenda should be.

13 Thoughts on “The Call to the Annual Meeting

  1. Can’t wait!

  2. I was going to say that the website seems a little bit faster today. But no, I was wrong. It’s still slow as molasses.

  3. Man, this place has turned into a ghost town! I think it’s mostly due to the speed issues. But, you know, we also wouldn’t ever want to give the appearance of being too productive.

  4. It took 20 seconds for that comment to post.

  5. I have been agonizing over how to improve the situation, but no one seems to be able to decide what the issue is. I believe NuLink’s engineers when they say the bottleneck is in my router—when I plugged directly into the cable modem, the blogs came through blazingly.

    For me at least, I did something involving unplugging the router and restarting that did the trick. It shouldn’t have worked, but it did.

    However, part of the problem too is that none of us seem to have anything to say. I know I have use a sledgehammer on my brain to get anything posted on my own blog.

  6. Perhaps you’ve hit the nail on its head … with a sledgehammer.

  7. “my music does not come from a philosophy but from a precritical compulsion”

    —from an article in the NYT on black metal rock.

    Discuss. Or be prepared to discuss.

  8. I plan to bring copies of Leaves of Grass and the latest Hickman work. There will be readings from each.

  9. There is nothing to say. I can’t even do haiku, anymore. (comma there, yes, comma, right?–see it’s become a very basic debilitation, and I don’t even use commas in the haiku)

    I did all of the stuff to the router. I plugged directly in to the modem. Blah blah.

    I think my contribution this year will be the void itself. We need to pose the big question: what gain we putting neon lights above CREATIVITY? In my case, the word has begun to ignite disgust. Because, in my case, it’s just a narcissistic ploy. It’s an elaborate scheme of self-advertisement. And yes, in my case, that’s a BAD thing. I judge. I judge. I choose to uphold the void because there’s no point in ARGUING it. It just is. Frankly, I’m quite content reading my little popularizing books on the Riemann hypothesis and fantasizing I actually possess masterful command of complex numbers. That’s where my narcissism leads me these days.

  10. I likes. I will follow the sandal. Or the gourd. Whichever.

  11. James Castle sort of blows holes in the “neon above CREATIVITY” gambit.

  12. There will be plenty of soot and spit available tomorrow night. Let’s get busy!

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