Quote Rotator

For the longer quotes, it moves too fast. I get nearly to the end and … it’s gone! 1Z0-466 exams

But the real reason I’m posting this is to point out a little typo. “The drive to propagate our reace has also propagated a lot of other things.–GCL, F.142″

Unless we’re into the idea of propagating reaces, that  is. I don’t know, I guess we’ve done stranger stuff. 1Z0-474 exams

3 Thoughts on “Quote Rotator

  1. And here’s one more typo:

    ”Many are less fortunate than you” may not be a roof to live under, but it will serve to retire benetah in the event of a shower.–GCL, J.155

  2. All right, both fixed, and the quote time upped to 30 seconds. Anything else?

  3. I’ll let you know. Thanks! Now I can read those extra-long quotes! Slow readers UNITE!

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