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  1. I have two plans of action.

    One is to wire it up to me and to create a set of records of my brain’s reactions to a wide range of supremely beautiful music, i.e., Bach, Mozart, etc. Then I can compare what my brain does when it hears my music, and perhaps see if I can learn, via biofeedback, to improve the quality of my music in measurable ways.

    The second is to install it in one of several students I have in mind, to see how their brain reacts to learning situations. For example, I have a student whose behavior when confronted with an extremely simple task — after having been led through the entire task by me, individually — was to veer sharply (literally, since we were dealing with a wall-size timeline) away from the task. I’d like to see if we can measure the brain activity in a brain that seems to deliberately avoid new information.

  2. Very nice. Others?

  3. Must it be connected to the head?

  4. And so, JB, your proposal?

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