Spam poetry

From today’s spam.  This was from Violetta, and she’s from France.

(My mail server has an excellent spamblock, but every now and then—after I click on the Reject all as spam button—I go and see what the message actually was.)

Subject: I want to find a soul mate
Tender, reliable, well educated,
passionate lady.
All of this, about me!
I accept myself so what I am.
I really want to meet a good and kind man.
I don’t need an Ideal Man – I need the one
that is
right for me.
Maybe,this man is you?
Let’s get acquainted online!!

Guess which line I think needs to go on our Aphorisms page?

Anyone else get any good lines recently?

2 Thoughts on “Spam poetry

  1. Inspired by previous Buntline post, I timorously offer one:


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