The aphorisms of GCL

It is finished. I have read through my little paperback edition of The Waste Books of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg and put a star next to all those which I think would be pertinent to our Society. (I will admit that the longer and probably more philosophical entries I did not check and barely read.)

I have put them into the Quote Rotator, and so now you can be as amazed as I have been at their polish, their wit, their just plain applicability to us and the world we live in. I’ve set the Rotator to change the quote every 60 seconds so that you have plenty of time to savor each one. If you want an immediate change, hit reload nike air max pas cher.

It would be interesting to hear everyone’s reactions to these nuggets of wisdom. Which are your favorite, which inspire you, which are all too horribly close to the truth? or post or something.

If you find a typo in one, please let me know.  It’s easiest for me if you give me the “waste code,” i.e., the waste book letter and the aphorism number: F.42 or whatever.

Interestingly, there are 404 selections. In internet speech, of course, that’s the code for Page Not Found. Make of that what you will.

6 Thoughts on “The aphorisms of GCL

  1. jeff on March 8, 2008 at 6:18 pm said:

    Where’s “Gemrany?”

    GCL, L.11

  2. West of Ploand.

  3. The quote rotator works extremely well. It’s enough to keep me coming back to the page even if I know nothing new has been posted.

  4. Why isn’t it called “The Quotator?” Why all this plodding deliberateness in nomenclature? We all need a little Shakespearean neologistic brio, no?

  5. It is called what it is called. The young person who created it has not given me the option of changing its name, alas.

  6. Influence these little precocious data heads, then. “Teacher of the gifted,” remember. Make them appreciate the value of turning a phrase.

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