Theatre is NOT moving!

Theatre company is NOT moving out of the building, thanks to anonymous donors.

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  • Also … they’re changing their name back to NCTC!

    More in this weekend’s Times-Herald.


    4 Thoughts on “Theatre is NOT moving!

    1. Turff on June 13, 2008 at 5:02 pm said:

      OK OK OK

      I’ll buy your danged paper. Are you happy?

    2. I hope I remember to go read it.

    3. jeff on June 17, 2008 at 1:53 pm said:

      Anonymous donors help Theatre Company stay put
      By Jeff Bishop
      The Times-Herald

      Don’t back up those moving trucks just yet. The newly re-christened Newnan Community Theatre Company isn’t going anywhere.

      Last month the theater company announced its intentions to vacate the building at the intersection of First Avenue and Long Place by the end of July. But some “anonymous donors” have stepped in and saved the day.

      To celebrate people stepping forth from the community — to the tune of $15,000 — the troupe has embraced its former name, the Newnan Community Theatre Company.

      “You may ask why, especially after we finally got the signs on the outside changed this year,” said NCTC President Rick Olsen.

      “The reason is simple. We want to once again remind all of you, and more importantly ourselves, that all of us are part of the community. This theater is not just about the folks who do theater, it’s about all the people who come to be a part of the total experience and that includes all of you.”

      The $15,000 donation came with a few strings attached, Olsen said.

      “There were two stipulations,” he said.

      “One was that we needed to try and stay here at this location, and the other was that we had to be able to show that we could reasonably support that endeavor for 18 months,” Olsen explained.

      “We sat down and looked hard at our books,” he said. “We still couldn’t quite get there without a little help.”

      That help came in the form of Joe Crain, who owns the building, Olsen said.

      “We made a proposal to Mr. Crain which he accepted, allowing us the breathing room to get on our feet,” he said.

      “Once again, Mr. Crain proved to be one of our greatest supporters and friends,” said Olsen. “Between him and our anonymous donors, we have a new lease on life here at this building.”

      The proposal to remain in the building has a two-pronged approach.

      “We asked to be allowed the next six months to get some good historical data and see if we could continue,” said Olsen. “In November, we will reassess whether we can afford to stay.”

      If they can, NCTC is already cleared to continue renting for the following 12 months.

      “That gives us the chance to get our house in order and really kick off this new chapter in our story,” he said.

      In the meantime, Olsen said, “We’re not moving! … At least not for the foreseeable future.”

      The community will see more of NCTC this year, Olsen pledged, and “we’ll be involved in many community-type events, like parades, market days, Main Street, etc.

      “Folks, we’re tired of being the best kept secret in Newnan.” he said. “We want to share the theater experience with the whole community. Will you help us?”

      A sample of what’s in the hopper:

      * The NITWITS, “NCTC Improv Troupe With Intelligent Thoughtful Sensibilities,” are preparing for their first public debut. The first show is going to be on June 28 in the Black Box. The NITWITS meet every Saturday from 3 – 6 p.m. back in the black box. “Come on out and join us,” urged Olsen.

      * There will be a Murder Mystery/Dinner at the end of July.

      * “Wait until Dark” has one more weekend, while “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” and “Little Shop of Horrors” are gearing up, as well.

      “With all this being said, we need help. Of all kinds,” said Olsen. “Please remember we are an all-volunteer organization. We need you, part of our community, to succeed and thrive.”

      Among the help needed: Landscaping, concessions, ushering, house manager on duty, season ticket holder relations, sound/light technicians, box office, advertising/publicity, producers, tradesman of all sorts.

      “We still need more A/C, but the A/C is working in the Mainstage,” said Olsen.

      “And if you can’t do anything else,” he said, “help get more people here to see the shows.”

      The new season will be announced in August and the Season Ticket sales will begin on Sept. 1.

    4. Good for them. I wonder what the results of their self-study will tell them.

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