Two Things…

Two things to post here. The first is that ACE is in more desperate need 70-451 than ever to put presents under the tree for local children. Are we going to help again this year? (Here’s the story:–really-tough-year—605998 ).

Secondly, Barbara wanted to post a question to the Lacanians … I mean, er, the Lacunians … but it is of a philosophical nature, and so I explained to her that Lacuna is our “performance arm,” while our Think Tank is the Lichtenbergian Society, which might be better suited to tackle her question, which is:

“Gentlemen, please help me differentiate between learning, thinking, and 70-452 pdf metacognition. Your ideas are appreciated. Anything said by you may, of course, be used by me in the future — for monstrous profit. Many thanks.”

This, again, comes from my good wife, the lovely Dr. Barbara Bishop. Fire away.

11 Thoughts on “Two Things…

  1. re: helping ACE, sure, why not?

    I’ll write a check for whatever amount I have in my hands by the Annual Meeting. (I actually got Cras melior est. printed on my checks.)

  2. I’m in.

    Speaking of. Did anyone get my mailing about the Wooster Group?

    I’m not familiar with “research” on the questions posed by the beguiling Dr. Bishop, but I am tempted (temptress that she is) to speculate on these three concepts in psychoanalytic terms. More later.

  3. How’s that for lack of relevance?

  4. Please go on!

  5. I’m in. Amount forthcoming.

  6. I’m in. At least, I think I’m in. Maybe I’ve just learned to think I’m in. I’ve got to rethink this.

  7. Barb has picked out a family from the ACE list for us to adopt. These are assumed names, but you get the idea:

    * Zoeller family: four children, disabilities: Cora, 2, wants a pink Big Wheel, a black baby doll and an educational toy; Allayah, 6, wants a bike, a Dora doll and an educational game; Joseph, 10, wants a bike, a remote control car and a stuffed dog; JaRhonda, 12, wants a 26″ girl’s bike, a CD player and jewelry.

    ACE wants the gifts by Friday. If you’d like to purchase a specific item, please post it here and then deliver it to Dale at Newnan Crossing by Thursday. If you’d like give a cash donation, give it to Dale by Thursday. I will drop by on Thursday and pick up all said donations (cash, gifts, and otherwise) and then Barb will pick up whatever is lacking at the store on Friday and deliver it to ACE by Friday afternoon. Sound good?

    Thanks for all your help. I think it’s great that we can do things like this from time to time.


  8. I have begun scouring neighborhoods to find bikes and big-wheels.

  9. Re Barb’s question: it might be quite interesting to create a performance piece out of exploring the meanings of learning, thinking and metacognition.

  10. I really like that idea and I think Barb will, too.

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