What Kevin said

In the Cabin stuff, Kevin said,

“A member could offer an overview of how they approach some activity they enjoy, such as writing, research, composing, painting, games, drawing, whatever.”

Why can’t we go ahead and do this on the boards? I like this idea.

17 Thoughts on “What Kevin said

  1. I’ll start.

    My conditions are far from ideal. I usually can’t even HOPE to begin creating or researching until, say, 11 p.m. That’s usually the time everyone finally goes to sleep. My house is just too chaotic, and I don’t have an office. So it’s all sound and fury until 10, and then an hour of settling down into nighty-nite.

    Then it takes me about 40 minutes to get rolling. So if I’m not too distracted by facebook, Lichtenbergians, etc., then I can get down to working on my stuff.

    I work in the bed, on my laptop. That’s how I constructed the Trail of Tears Association’s entire online database last year. And that’s how I’ve created the myth project I’m currently working on.

    No TV, no music, just silence. I do love it when it rains. I keep the window cracked open to soak it in.

    I’ll work for an hour, then check emails, go on facebook, etc. for a few minutes. Then it’s back to work.

    On a good night, I get in two solid hours of work.

    Then I go to bed at 2 a.m.

    Sometimes I get on a real roll and don’t go to bed until 4.

    But normally that happens on the weekends, when I can sleep late on the morningside.

    This is my method for just about everything I’m able to accomplish.

    Silence, laptop, after midnight.

  2. silence, laptop, after midnight: this is one reason why I lack the prestige of being Dr. Honea. I preferred the fetal curl and unconsciousness.

  3. Lichtenbergianism is everywhere.

  4. How on earth do come across all this stuff, Dale?

  5. Ignoring Jeff for the moment, I do have to wonder why none of us have doctorates? None of us do, right?

    Of course, if we ever get around to inviting Jeff Allen, he’s got an M.D., kind of.

  6. Masters about, doctorates, not so much.

  7. Perhaps I meant “abound”. But then again, maybe I didn’t.

  8. Terry on April 17, 2009 at 3:10 am said:

    Doctorates require too much focus into one specific area: we like many degrees so as to broaden our information and hopefully our knowledge.

    And then there is that little thing called a thesis which far too easy to procrastinate about.

  9. My wife has a doctorate. Does that count?

    Actually completing a doctoral program would be very un-Lichtenbergian and would likely constitute grounds for dismissal from our august society.

    I think Marc’s study track offers us a perfect model, actually. Quite Lichtenbergian, indeed.

  10. Joseph Campbell never completed his degree program for his doctorate, either, BTW. Go, Joe.

  11. Addressing Terry’s point about preferring the “many degrees” approach, I will likely be enrolling at West Georgia this year to obtain a degree — undergraduate — in anthropology. Journalists must start to prepare for life in a post-journalist society, after all. I have been assured that such a degree would be entirely impractical, which makes it all the more attractive to me. So say we all.

  12. Hooray for impractical degrees. I have two myself. I am doubly unqualified for any real job.

  13. Yes, I will add this to my Master’s Degree in education — equally useless, for my purposes.

  14. turff on April 17, 2009 at 1:10 pm said:

    So say we all… to marc’s approach to academia, to less than practical study, to knowledge for knowledge’ sake.

  15. I’m a morning guy. But I have no illusions about the significance of being an early riser. It’s not some sentimental nod to the yeoman’s life. My body is conditioned to since I have to get up to get kids off to school, and it’s where the coffee is. So pre-dawn creative euphoria is chemical and conditioned. And, of course, luxurious. If I had to be a morning guy in order to shave, put on a tie, commute, be ready to “play” by eight-thirty, etc., I’d suddenly loathe getting up in the morning.

  16. turff on June 3, 2009 at 2:54 pm said:

    Bumping the thread…

    Candidate Dates:
    Weekend of 24 October
    Weekend of 14 November

    What say ye? As soon as we can reach some consensus, I will arrange for accommodation.

  17. turff on June 3, 2009 at 2:58 pm said:

    Oops, wrong thread.

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