Aphorisms…Lacunae…Stop[ ]Gap[ ]Measures

I was going to steal some time—a fine Lichtenbergian notion—and make a little headway in organizing the “Aphorisms” page, only to find our new set-up does not allow us to create and/or manage pages. Knowing nabobs will fix, no doubt.

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  • In the meantime—another Lichtenbergian necessary locution—let me offer a link to the lacunagroup site and a link to the DaleSays site, two blogs full of the kind of by-play you can cut into anywhere and isolate—with no supplementary scribing effort or rehabilitatory knotting, I might add—shimmering moments of aphoristic magic. The origins of our Society and this present site are there.

    May the time you waste reading them be as enjoyable as the time we wasted producing them.

    4 Thoughts on “Aphorisms…Lacunae…Stop[ ]Gap[ ]Measures

    1. I thought your nabobishness was enough to edit pages. I must have been wrong. Consider yourself upped.

    2. marc on April 8, 2008 at 9:18 am said:

      Unlike on the old set-up (for my “marc’s pages” madness) there is no “page” write or manage option. I kid you not.

    3. But there should be, if you were to click on the Aphorisms link in the header, an Edit this page link.

    4. I swear to you, no “page” option was available yesterday when I logged in. But I look at it this way: if it had been available yesterday, I wouldn’t have been inspired to create a quaint little post and a perfectly fine concluding aphorism.

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