Assignment L.08.11: No Man’s Land

I just found this.  I cannot believe I never came across it before now.  Just yesterday I ordered a DVD-R copy from a “source,” thinking it was the only way to obtain it.

Harold Pinter-No Man’s Land-John Gielgud and Ralph Richardson

This 1978 television version of the original stage production has never been released commercially.  I do not know why.  Maybe the BBC wants to have exclusive control over when and how it gets viewed.  That is not surprising since it is a special sublime thing.  It is sublime beyond sublime.  The image, unfortunately, is poor on this transfer (I hope it will be better on the DVD I ordered–if I did in fact order it and not just cough into empty cyberspace), and I hope the sound allows for enjoying the language at least a little (I haven’t taken it in myself, yet).

I don’t yet want to turn into a school marm and lecture on why I think this is so special.  I’d rather folks watch it and…experience.

5 Thoughts on “Assignment L.08.11: No Man’s Land

  1. We could do this, you know, with Marc and Dale as Hirst and Spooner, and me and Turff in the other two roles. Just sayin’. Might be fun.

  2. Another all-male undertaking right away might lead people to think we have a misogynist agenda. But at some point, could be jolly fun. Hell, you know me, I think we should just have a decade-long Pinter festival.

  3. Yeah, Barb might be miffed to be excluded from the next thing we do. Maybe an all-female version of No Man’s Land? Be a different take on the title.

  4. Hm. Acquaint yourself with the play.

  5. Or perhaps I am too much imprisoned by awe and reverence.

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