L.09.2: The American Dream

I know this seems an obvious interpretation of this complex painting.  It is saying  with an education (the pencil) and hard work (ARGH) one can achieve happiness (heart), money(dollar sign) and good health (cross).  The manner in which the artist chose to portray these things leaves it open to many interpretations, some very dark and sarcastic, which is part of its greatness. After sifting through various modes I come back to the simple, obvious one which may even by overlooked because of the style.

Leisurely Drinking for the Mature Individual

As I grow older I find I prefer to have my life be comfortable rather than exciting. My drinking habits have evolved following in this mode of thought. Thus when I now mix my special tonic, I make large quantities so I will have a ready supply on hand at all times. And I can imbibe liberally all day with no fear of running out. (Although that does happen occasionally as I take my drinking very seriously these days.)

I also have found that I have grown a little more reluctant to share all my secrets with the world. So even though this assignment is about making or enjoying our favorite exotic mixture, I prefer to hold back several key ingredients which took me years to discover in proper quantity. I leave it to you to follow my path and discover your own adventurous libation.

It does take me a while to mix my drink, which is another reason to make copious amounts at once. I begin with filtered water, poured into a 32 ounce pitcher until it is 2/3 full. Then I add my “flavoring” which fills the pitcher and I also add ¼ cup of sugar, as I have grown to have a bit of sweet tooth. I mix these thoroughly, using my favorite blending tool. My drinks are stirred, not shaken. This then goes into the refrigerator.

Now I use about 16 ounces of room temperature filtered water mixed with my “secret ingredient” of equal proportion. When these are thoroughly blended, again using my blending tool, I heat more filtered water. I add another 32 ounces of hot filtered water to the original blend,using my favorite toll of course, and let it “settle” to room temperature.

Then when I am ready for a nice large mug of drink I take equal amounts of the brew from the refrigerator and from the room temperature one. In case you haven’t been keeping track, I now have about 64 ounces of delightful (slightly diluted) beverage which will last me all day, most of the time. In the evening before bed I have to go through the same routine so I will have libations during my insomniac roaming in the middle of the night.

Ah life is good when one is well lubricated!