It’s BACK! Less than one hour to 9L0-006 go! Woo-hoo!

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    37 Thoughts on “Bears. Beets. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!

    1. I understand that to be involved in anything important these days means you are taking part in a “conversation.” So what is a viewing program one can undertake via Netflix to get up to speed and participate in the Battlestar Gallactica Conversation? I crave relevance. We are happy to share your obsession.

    2. I’ll bring my DVD box sets tonight.

    3. Just watched the opener. Great moody and gripping television. Great acting, too, particularly by Olmos and McDonnell. Rich, weighted performances.

    4. This kills me to have to somehow recover my thoughts from a lost, unsubmitted comment. I was, of course, playing with a psychoanalytic reading, touching particulary on the roll of Six (that’s her name, right?), and fantasies of male escape from established ties, and adolescent longings for immersion in military hierarchical structures with strong fathers in command…etc. I ended by saying something like, yes, of course, also lots of moral, ethical, existential conundrums, etc. It’s a fun show to watch as both sub-prime fun and complex product.

    5. I love the idea that a thing can be both sub-prime and not.

    6. And BTW, I whole-heartedly endorse BSG as a wonderful example of that concept.

      Frakking awesome sci-fi fun, with plenty of meat on the bone.

    7. Just wait until you watch 33 (the first episode after the miniseries.)

      I’m sorry your comments got lost in the ether. Your comments are always fascinating and worthwhile, and I would especially be interested in any and all comments related to BSG. I think you’re spot-on with your mini-analysis.

    8. I think I pretty much re-capped the gist of it. You are very kind. It’s great material for practicing what Zizek calls, appropriating Shakespeare’s phrase, “looking awry.” Everything gets processed in the blender, I’m afraid. Or it all may just be me trying to work out my enthusiasm for tall blonds wearing red. Gee, do you think the producers knew there’d be guys like me watching?

    9. I agree that Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos lend the show a certain gravitas. Interestingly, showrunner Ron Moore admitted that he made up the role of the civilian president as a “mother” to the fleet to complement and counter-balance the Adama “father” figure. (Only the Adama figure is original to the 1970s incarnation of the show.)

    10. That’s a great example of how the mandarins in Hollywood knowingly try to craft their product in “psychological” terms. It makes for a fun turn in the critical and interpretive game because you can take into account what the producers think they are putting into the “subconscious” of their product. Its fun to find instances in which their intentions produce unintentional effects.

    11. Adama’s father was a Civil Liberties Lawyer! Of course he was. I love it! Isn’t that the Military Commander we all long for.

    12. To quote Hemingway:

      Isn’t it pretty to think so?

    13. Yes, and same civil liberties lawyer actually serves as the protagonist in the upcoming “back door pilot” prequel, Caprica.

      (Insert punch-line here.)

    14. I saw a movie like that one time.

    15. No, it’s an old blues song. “I’m your back door pilot, baby….etc”

    16. “Got my joystick in your cockpit…etc”

    17. Or vice-versa.

    18. Alright, now I’m hooked


    19. Or:

      It’s an old network programmer’s shuffle:

      “I’m your back door pilot prequal, baby. Get your Nielsen’s through the roof..etc..”

    20. “Who all’s in your household, baby. Gonna count ’em once or twice before I’m through…etc”

    21. I’ve got s2 ready for you, bro. Just name the drop-off point and we’ll exchange prisoners.

      So Say We All.

    22. Turff on April 22, 2008 at 1:54 pm said:

      Was last Friday’s ep intense, or what?

    23. I shouldn’t discuss it here, in deference to marc and worries about “spoilage.”

      But … whoa. They are pulling no punches. Can you say, “Callysicle?”

    24. I’m not offended. I reminds me of my days in the Masons. There were things the 33rd degree-ers just didn’t discuss with the 20th degree-ers. You had to move up through the ranks.

      Oops, probably shouldn’t have revealed even that.

      Should it come to this: there’s a little metal tube in my rectum that contains a safe-deposit box key.


    25. So that’s what…


    26. I forgot you can’t mention rectums around Dale. They get appropriated.

      Serves me right going for the cheap laugh.

    27. I’ll bring s2 to church tonight.


    28. A clever ruse to get me stumbling unwittingly into your Dream Group.

      Ann Grainer has wanted to try out some Gestalt on me for years. And dance like Tika the Spider in some tale or other. Nope.

      We have a lacrosse game tonight.

      And actually, Ann’s a pretty cool performer.

    29. Actually, I just thought you might be at choir.


      Don’t read the talkbacks at the very end or it’ll spoil episodes you have not yet seen.

    31. “Almost like squeezing a blood-orange…”

    32. Heh. Yeah. So true.

    33. Terry on April 29, 2008 at 5:44 pm said:

      It’s fascinating for me to hear such enthusiatic discussion about BSG. I am old enough to remember the original TV series from 1978. Although the show was a huge hit I didn’t like it, perhaps because of too much exposure to Lorne Greene. I even nicknamed the show “Ponderosa in the Sky”. Apparently the new series has changed a lot and captured imaginations on all levels. I haven’t watched it yet, still reeling from my vision of the pre-sub prime of the original. I have a lot of catching up to do.

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