Film Festival Date

One possible date for the 1st Annual Lichtenbergian Film Festival would be January 24th.  I am open to discussions of workability of the date as well as what time in the day we would like for it to commence.  The event would be hosted in my home theater.  For more information, please see the original post.

3 Thoughts on “Film Festival Date

  1. Cool. That’s the day after my 40th birthday. What better way to celebrate?

  2. Drunken naked splendor on a tropical beach.

    Oh, wait, was that rhetorical?

  3. Drunken naked splendor on a tropical beach.

    I hope that one doesn’t contain more than five ingredients. It’s not a real cocktail if that’s the case. Just a reckless blending of fluids.

    I support this date. I support beginning early. I support staying until the end.

    Repetition is rhetorical.

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