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I don’t know if this movie has made it out your way, but I saw Bill Maher’s Religulous this weekend. I have never been much of a Maher fan, but the movie is pretty good. No matter what your beliefs are, it’s a pretty funny movie.


15 Thoughts on “Good Flick

  1. I’ve heard it’s a pretty remorseless indictment of fundamentalism(s).

  2. I’d like to formally lodge a complaint against the appropriation of the term “fundamentalist” by a certain echelon within the Christian church. I happen to consider myself a fundamentalist, but share almost none of the attributes by which that group is most well known.

  3. So, Turff, define. We’ll go with your definition and condemn anyone who veers from it.

  4. God help me, that was a good one. I laugh, Turff, sorry.

    As a Marxist, I feel your pain, actually, since I know what it’s like to be lumped into ignorant characterization categories and subject to misrepresentation. We stand in solidarity.

    It’s all about taking time to appreciate nuance.

  5. To cite an instance from the work of Lacan, the only domain from which I can confidently pull analogies, calling oneself a “fundamentalist” even though it flies in the face of many commonly acknowledged definitions is like Lacan insisting on the term “phallus” even though his appropriation paradoxically undercuts even the Freudian uses. Subtle, subversive games are afoot!

  6. Sticks and stones. That’s all it is.

  7. For myself, I’m not sure which I enjoy more: stoning or sticking.

  8. I would say I most prefer getting stoned.

  9. One would never know. How do you hide the bruises?

  10. Hey, speaking of flicks, Turff says he will soon be ready to call us together for the first Lichtenberg Film Festival. In the spirit of our credo, I am changing my entry. Get this: I actually have a film from Netflix that I haven’t watched and have had at my house for over three months. A perfect specimen for our order. And I have been afraid to watch it because it’s supposed to be A MAJOR WORK OF ART! Procrastination and Art combined. My procrastination in this instance is assuredly symptom-like in its intensity.

    The film? Bela Tarr’s Werckmeister Harmonies.

  11. I don’t know, getting stuck can be a thrill as well.

  12. At the risk of being tiresome by offering the Lacanian rejoinder to that observation: Enjoy your Symptom!

  13. Well, yes, isn’t that the point?

  14. Are you trying to trick some innocent reading bystander into thinking we are on opposing sides of a debate and as long as you have the last word…

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