6 Thoughts on “Meta?

  1. I wanted to hear more about his dad’s fly-killing techniques. But, yeah, pretty amazing concept — so when’s our exhibition? The Buttocks Thing is nearing completion.

  2. I wanted to hear more, period.

    I don’t suppose it’s worth posting an Assignment where we would post at least the *concept* of a piec for a Bienniale.

  3. Turff, you will regret missing Saturday night. This video, the book I am reading, and Jobie’s reading are all of a piece. And you hold all the creativity research…

  4. Yeah, I hate it but don’t know what to do. Things are pretty sensitive with my Mom right now, so my taking off while she is in town would create problems I can’t deal with at the moment.

  5. I think this is pretty hilarious and spectacular.

  6. I’d revel in the paradoxes, but that would be wanking. Amusing project.

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