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So the post I will shortly link is about screenwriting.  It’s written by Joss Whedon whom, I believe I have previously mentioned, is a fricking genius.  I was just going to send it to Mike, but when I got to the last two sentences, I decided it was worth posting here.

Without further ado, read this.

4 Thoughts on “On Writing

  1. As we begin to think this thing out, may I suggest that we use our BaseCamp account (http://lichtenbergiansociety.projectpath.com/projects/2663291/project/log) to do all our centralized thinking/writing/planning? For security purposes, I’ll email you a reminder about your username and password.

  2. Initial notes out there now on my perception of “easy” attributes for me.

  3. I’ve answered Kevin’s questions over at BaseCamp on the Characters whiteboard.

  4. Having read the list, that’s pretty damn good advice, and very similar to the advice I’ve given fellow writers. The first item- Finish It – may go against the ideals of this society, but it is the very most important thing a screenwriter can do. Half a great script is worse than a whole “decent” script. I found that “Cut What You Love” was the most difficult to actually learn. I’ve watched several screenwriters in development, and learning to do this is like breaking through a wall, creatively. Everyone becomes a better writer as soon as they learn it’s ok to cut things.

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