The AT

I’m planning this year’s Appalachian Trail sojourn. Anyone who wants to come along should leave me a comment below so I can arrange a date that’s amenable to all. I’ll probably take two separate trips — one in late spring (May?) and another about mid-summer (July?). Each trip will probably be about a week long.

Just let me know. If you plan on going, I would suggest you start conditioning yourself NOW.


5 Thoughts on “The AT

  1. I’m not sure how predictable your times and locations are, but I may be willing to join you just for a weekend day or two. Maybe at the beginning of a particular trek to reduce variability? After hiking up Mt. Yonah with my equipment this past week, I’m feeling a bit full of myself…

  2. Hey, congratulations! I hear that one’s really a bear.

  3. (That’s a joke, for those of you who aren’t fluent in Cherokee).

  4. I really want to do the AT. Unfortunately, this year, with my sister getting married and my mom turning fifty, my “Traveling to the East Coast Budget” for this year was pretty much spent before the year began. Assuming there is a 2009 sojourn, I will start planning for that now.

  5. There will be, Mike. And you are invited.

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