The Task of Creative Artists

Joseph Campbell said that the task of creative artists “is to communicate directly from one inward world to another, in such a way that an actual shock of experience will have been rendered: not a mere statement for the information or persuasion of a brain, but an effective communication across the void of space and time from one center of consciousness to another.”

4 Thoughts on “The Task of Creative Artists

  1. Good quote.

    I’m just being snarky when I mention the actual shock of experience generated by Mr. George Lucas.

  2. And aren’t we a blog, people? Enough with the quotes and links and photos and sniffing titterclicks of the mouse. We need to embrace the shit within and hold forth. At length.

    Somebody else start.

  3. Oh … really?

  4. Every time I embrace the shit within I get poo flung at me.

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