16 Thoughts on “The Voynich Manuscript

  1. I assume the hot tub illustration first attracted your attention.

  2. I’ve always been vulnerable to the idea of esoterica and to the notion that societies devoted to its protection and implementation are potently necessary.

    A weakness of mine. I fear I would have been right there with the whole Rosicrucian occult revival.

    To add to the fun and games, I offer this:


  3. Remember that website with the moving mandalas I sent out a couple of weeks ago? That was from a website that contains this and this. The rest of the site follows suit.

  4. So, we are a society of sorts, are we not? What sorts of esoterica might we protect (and implement)? I want to be potently necessary. Indeed I do.

  5. Haitian Creole was nice: Cosmic antouzyasm.

    Damn those veils of Maya!

    If there’s no sparagmos, I doubt I can be bothered.

    Or at least a good old fashioned hieros gamos.

  6. Sparagmos? But that would HURT, Marc! Really, really bad!

  7. Yeah, when push comes to shove, I knew the Dionysos guy would wimp out.

  8. Yeah, I’m a pussy. But you knew that.

  9. Today the only esoterica with power is science.

    May not be true.

    Power may simply lie in the act of conspiring.

    Depends, too, on what inspires the conspiring.

    Usually fear. Desire for control.

    Thinking of the esoterica of backroom power brokering.

    What AM I going on about?

  10. Back to the manuscript…

    Should WE investigate the power of the hoax?

  11. The agenda. It appears.

  12. All right, guys. What were you planning behind my back while I was away?

    As long as it’s not Sparagmos, I’m cool.

  13. At what point is the belief in the hoax potent enough to transform the hoax into truth?

  14. I’m there.

  15. craig on March 20, 2011 at 6:27 pm said:

    Jeff, when my kidswould ask, :”Are we there yet?”, I would always give them the same answer. You can’t ever get there because no matter where you are, it’s here and, no matter where here is, it’s always the same time. So, there’s only one question that can be answered from the human experience and that is, “Are we here now?” and the answer is always yes.

    They didn’t ask verymany times.

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