Aphorist Leaves Creativity ConFab Claiming “No Womb in the End”

Reports he was unable to get his feet properly planted, speculates it may have been due to absence of the “feminine principle” (whatever the hell that means…), a lack which he reportedly found “remarkable” at a discussion of creativity.  Fully willing to admit, however, it was really a failing on his part.  His ear is trained to track repetition, and he claims it was this “handicap” that prevented him from tuning into “that which previously was not” and remaining, instead, “mired in what had been around before…many times.”  Notes his paralysis in the presence of such repetition.  Unable to bring anything new, himself, to the table, he sped away, crouching and shuffling, longing merely for a womb of dreams into which he could crawl, ashamed of his botched birth too many years ago.  Longing, himself, to be that which once was not.

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