2 Thoughts on “I Like This!

  1. Makes me want to re-visit my own DVDs. Jeff? Yes, I’ve still got your Rules of the Game. We can trade. And I’ll happily give back whichever other ones Truman gave us.

    Wait, I forget to mark the event. California actor encounters Becket!!! What a find! How obscure! You must surely be the first!

    (I’m kidding)

  2. And apart from Julianne Moore and Bert Lahr, of course.

    Brings back the memories of a production of Play at Center Stage in Baltimore in ’90 (or ’91…). I operated the spot. You could say I was a character of sorts–the one who was actually able to “play.” (Must consult original script to understand.) And there was no “play” involved in performance, of course, since my every move was choreographed. No room for error. I was at every rehearsal with a flashlight. Nerve-racking. I still feel indigestion when I think of it. But it was great fun. Par (hiccups) don.

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