The Call to the Annual Meeting

As Chair of the Lichtenbergian Society, I hereby enjoin our membership to attend the Annual Meeting, set according to the Charter for December 19, being on or before the Hibernal Solstice, to begin at or around 7:00 p.m.

Herewith is the Order of Business:

  1. Roll Call, including confirmation of new members
  2. Toast to GCL
  3. Acclamation of the Officers
  4. Corroboration of the Validity of our Claims
  5. Consignment of the Corroborative Evidence to the Flames
  6. Engrossment of the Year’s Efforts
  7. Meditation on the Year’s Efforts, followed by a Silent Toast
  8. Engrossment of the Proposed Efforts for the Next Year
  9. Toast to the Proposed Efforts
  10. Agenda: ??

With 12 days, 7 hours, and 41 minutes until the Annual Meeting, it’s probably time to see if there’s any consensus on what the agenda should be.

Road Trip

A few of us have discussed on occasion the possibility of road tripping to Valdosta the last weekend in June. The comments to this post shall serve as the home for discussions of same, including of course Dale’s verification that the idea and date still work. Who’s in? Shall we host a seminar while present? If so, what topic?

Agenda for meeting, 5/16

I think we have a lot to talk about this time, actually, picking up some threads from the last time around the fire and from some of our L.03.9 posts.

But also, we have a couple of violations transgressions to discuss:

  • Jeff’s 300+ page Native American epic
  • Jeff’s novel
  • Mike’s Mother’s Day cartoon
  • and Jobie has some writing he’s supposed to share before then
  • Marc’s haiku [updated]
  • Marc’s score for 3 Little Pigs [updated]
  • and reference photos for the ELP [updated]

Did I leave anyone out?

Anything else we need to plan to be present for?

Little Cabin In The Woods

More to come on this later, but I proposed to certain members at a recent fireside chat the possibility of a Lichtenbergian Retreat. Click here for an example of 642-414 certification the sort of place I had in mind. This particular one doesn’t have the hot tub that Dale requested, but does cover most of the other bases. The idea would be to fill the place with creative materials (drawing/sculpting/writing/dancing/singing/storytelling), food, and drink, and proceed to have a wonderful time creating as much (or in true Lichtenbergian fashion) as little as we 640-864

WordPress upgrade

The new WordPress has completely revamped the interface behind the scenes, so don’t be shocked when you go to write a new post.  Everything’s in a different place, but it’s all there.

UPDATE: Well, almost all there.  I can’t find the control panel for the Quote Rotator, which allows us to randomize the quotes and control how long they’re on screen.  Arrggh!