11 Thoughts on “L.08.8a: (aped self-portrait) Funt

  1. Assuming these to be sketches, and assuming Mike’s telling the truth about losing 30 pounds, I’d say we have a lot to look forward to in the Vitruvian Man photo.

  2. These are, of course, a joke…

    However, Vitruvian Man is to scale.

  3. Funt goes ape-shit! I love it!

  4. By the way, let me promote your new site:


    Be assured I wasn’t trying to encroach upon your ape-space with my own ape musings. Just discovered apes are your thing. JB might call it an instance of simianicity. Good luck with it.

    My ape is definitely a pure cultural contruct. An alter-ego. An ongoing apology to civilization.

  5. Ap(e)ology.

  6. Do you know what would make his ape site even better? If he actually went and approved comments, that’s what.

  7. Sorry, Dale. WordPress is supposed to email me when I have comments waiting.

    And, Marc, don’t worry. No encroachment felt. One of the reasons I liked your topic so much. Also, you bringing it up is one of the things that made me realize I needed to get off my ass an work on this thing.

  8. So that’s why it’s shiny and bare; you’ve been on it too long.

  9. Pardon my grammar in the previous post. It was very early.

  10. Yes, that is the reason for the shiny bareness. That, and I am ready to mate, but don’t tell the others. I’m saving myself for the alpha.

  11. Aren’t we all?

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