7 Thoughts on “OK, I’ll play.

  1. Just send it to Dale and he’ll take care of it. I got the same message, as I suppose did the others, unless they know something we don’t, which wouldn’t surprise me.

  2. Sent mine to Dale. Sometimes we just have to accept that there is a Master of the Universe and not fret about it.

  3. I had to send to Dale also.

  4. Hm. Sounds like someone has some control issues. Either that, or we’re all incompetent.

    BTW, I did send the pic to Dale. He just hasn’t posted it yet. But I know you all can’t WAIT to see my shining visage.

  5. I can’t wait for something else to go up. I am getting tired of seeing my head on a Campbell’s Soup can every time I check the site.

  6. I get a kick out of that one, actually.

  7. Oh, that’s right, Jeff did send me his. I was swamped at school and forgot all about it. Coming up, right after Coriolanus.

    And it’s not my control issues, it’s the server’s. I haven’t gotten around to asking Noah if we can change that.

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