Assignment L.08.5: Critical Receptions

For some reason the Caleb Larsen web site brought this one to mind. Here’s the assignment: imagine you have done some piece of creative work (which, of course, you haven’t…have you) and write a review or piece of criticism of that work from the point of view of some reviewer or commentator, fictional or actual (you choose–let your lawyer guide you), writing for some fictional or actual publication. The critic’s response can be favorable or not. It must be a made-up work (Dale can’t imagine a critical response to the Symphony, for instance, since that actually exists–or is actually coming into existence, or so he says). I think such reviews and responses should begin to litter our blog flow from time to time over the next few months. And in our comments to the posts, let’s treat the work as real and respond accordingly by perhaps agreeing or disagreeing with what has been written, adding our own details to “the work in question” as we see fit. Dress it up however you wish. Scholarly or popular critical modes. Photos? Quotes? Citations? Comparisons to both real and other equally fictitious works? “Some piece of creative work” is meant to be broad and all-encompassing. You can just as easily see yourself as some Larsen-like creature as you can imagine yourself to be America’s next important writer.

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  • 5 Thoughts on “Assignment L.08.5: Critical Receptions

    1. Use a quote from the Quote Rotator if you can. A perfect one popped up for me just as I decided what to write about.

    2. I imagine these assignments to be of the same genus, if not species, as the Waste category: ideas we’ve had that we never intend to get around to doing. Are the subjects of our reviews similarly up for grabs?

    3. Also, if you have an image that you need to upload, email it to me. The server is not set up for us to do that via the Write Post page.

    4. from the Quote Rotator:

      Whenever he composes a critical review, I have been told, he gets a tremendous erection.–GCL, D.12

      I will admit only to a little tingly frisson.

    5. Not wishing to disturb the flow with meta-comments, I’ll say it here: I nearly spit coffee onto my laptop when I read Turff’s Xbox post on the Trio. Most excellent!

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